CIPS ICE Conference 2016 – Calgary

Date To Be Announced

Organized by CIPS Alberta and supported by a wide range of local, national and international sponsoring companies, the CIPS ICE® conference is in its 34th year.

To be in business today, any business, we need to understand how choices in technology affect our future. Organizations need to invest in new skills while remaining strategic during operations and employees need to learn new skills to stay current while working full-time. Regardless of industry we all have a common thread; we are students of technology. If we want success in our future, we must be willing to change, but first we need to understand…

CIPS Alberta/NWT’s annual ICE Conference is for anyone with a desire to stay on top of our rapidly changing digital landscape.  Executives, inventors, innovators, and visionaries will all be there – offering insights, direction and inspiration. Come prepared to connect with the brilliant minds of today and the future leaders of tomorrow.

We are working to provide you with outstanding speakers presenting on a range of topics.

Please check our list of speakers on the Presenter’s page.   We are continually updating it so check back often.